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    The powerful and most intelligent room ventilation fan ever made

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Veent the Learning Fan

Veent's smart technology takes over the task of protecting your room from harmful repeated moisture by tracking and sensing elevated humidity levels before clearing and drying the room. Within it's elegant design is a fan built to increase airflow, reduce sound level to minimal sones, control moisture and help eliminate the risk of airborne illness. The installation process is simple and the Veent app, available for iOS and Android, allows users to control Veent's six color night light, fan speed, sound level and timer.

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Moisture protection

Air flow (40-120 CFM)

LED Lighting (white)

LED Night light
(6 colors)

Timer (0-60 min)

Hourly timer (0-60 min)

App adjustable

Never needs additional wiring

Replaces any existing fan

The Veent App

Veent is the first fan with an app that allows you to customize moisture sensitivity, air flow, night light, and timers.

Moisture Sensitivity

Veent learns your room's common dry levels, with the option to set Veent's sensitivity level for a faster or slower response.

Air Flow

Adjust Veent’s air flow and sound level (40 to 120 CFM or 0.1 to 1.3 sones), while the MAX button gives you 120 CFM any time.

Night Light

Veent's smart night light knows when the room is dark. Choose your favorite color and brightness for the perfect glow.

Manual Timer

This timer activates whenever you tap the fan button on Veent's wall switch—set it anywhere from 5 to 60 minutes.

Hourly Timer

This optional use timer improves your home's air quality by turning Veent on once every hour (you decide the run time).