Traditional Home
Hot List: What's New in Tech
Check this out. Smart fan Veent learns the patterns of humidity in your bathroom over time in and will kick on automatically when the moisture levels get too high. The sleek design features a powerful (and quiet!) fan to help keep your bathroom dry...
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Extreme How-To
Veent’s smart technology takes over the task of protecting your room from harmful repeated moisture by tracking and sensing elevated humidity levels before clearing and drying the room...
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Electronics 360
A House Fan Equipped With Machine-Learning Tech? Why Not?
While it’s not quite summer yet, if you’re in market for a fan, you’ll find a variety on the market these days: energy-efficient fans, fans that keep room temperatures cool and fans that remove humidity...
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Electronic House
Veent and Viio can freshen up your bathroom with high-tech smarts.
Made to replace a bathroom’s existing fan, the Veent fan learns the room’s median humidity and moisture levels and will automatically switch on when necessary. The fan doubles as a night light...
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Automatically Detect and Dry Bathrooms with Veent Smart Fans
Environment-Learning Fan Helps Eliminate Mold-Producing Moisture; App-Controlled Functionality and DIY-installation Brings Smart-Tech to the Bathroom. Veent unveiled its flagship smart fan. The moisture-sensing, app...
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Geek's World
Veent Smart Fans Launch to Automatically Detect and Dry Bathrooms
Veent, the most intelligent room ventilation fan, today unveiled its flagship smart fan. The moisture-sensing, app-controlled fan can now be purchased through Veent's online store and will soon be available...
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Digital Trends
Stay Dry And Comfortable While You Talk To The World Through Your Mirror
Veent promises to be the “most intelligent room ventilation fan ever made.” Moisture sensors will turn on the fan at humidity levels you configure via a smartphone app...
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